Friday, May 15, 2009

Spiritual Divorce

A spiritual divorce is one in which we use our divorce to improve our lives and our experience becomes one of gain rather than loss. A spiritual divorce brings us back into the presence of our highest self and heals the split between our ego and our soul. When we use our divorces to heal our wounds, learn, grow, and develop ourselves into more loving, conscious human beings, we have truly had a spiritual experience and a liberation of our souls. Rather than staying stuck in the pain of our broken hearts, a spiritual divorce calls us to reconnect to the highest aspects of our being. It is here in the presence of our highest self that we can reclaim our power, our joy, and the limitless freedom to create the life of our dreams.
If you're going through a divorce right now, this may sound like a tall order, an impossible task. You may be having the worst experience of your life and can't even consider the possibility that your divorce could turn into something positive. Or you may be relieved to call it quits. Pain and change are the keys that open the door to a deeper understanding of our human experience. The pain of divorce breaks down our defenses, leaving us in a place of complete vulnerability. And it is only in this place of complete vulnerability that we become quiet enough to experience the greater realities of peace and contentment.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Divorce
It is important to know that the breakdown of your relationship is for a greater purpose. Understanding some of the basic spiritual laws of the Universe will help you to discover that there is a reason you're going through this pain. These laws will guide you through the process of healing and bring you back to a place deep inside that is filled with wisdom, knowledge, and compassion for the human experience.

BY: Debbie Ford

Relationships Quote of the Day

What "love" is I don't know if it's not the response of our deepest natures to one another.

-William Carlos Williams

10 Steps to Greening Your Diet

By Curtis Cook


When did eating become so complicated? How do we sort our way through hundred mile diets and the dilemmas of omnivores? Should I feel terrible for eating California lemons in Canada? Everyone needs to eat but the act has evolved from necessity to complexity. Humans have developed an unhealthy relationship with food. As we struggle to embrace environmentally-responsible lifestyles, that relationship with food becomes even more complex.

It’s enough stress to give anyone heartburn, but here are some simple suggestions to nurture your inner green foodie.

Curtis Cook is the Executive Director of the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust, President of Ecotactix and Founder of the Executive Centre for the Ecology Economy. He is a two-time book author and has written over 100 published articles on the environment, clean technologies, innovation and sustainable business.