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well today i have decided not to post anything except our personal things like humans our personal thoughts and worries our hopes our great passion our strange beahviour and minds and our routes and passages in this life..we always speak about tourism...what about toursm inside the peoples minds",,,,
great passion isnot it? to search and look inside another psychologoy-mood-thoughts whatever is a strange unique and not fit for everyone.
alot of love exist rarely true love exist alot of good but not true ones...
if exist one on tenth of what is said or spoken the world is sure to be changed to the better sides..why because all of us are busy with nothing only thinking and thinking and thinking in things which are not to be thought of but this is the silly choose for those who are disappointed and disappointing in the same time
be sure that the life does not offer you anything unless you offer her something and be sure that what you get is excatly what you deserve what ever this or that person says or said about (his
true heart...) his emotions to other people his great passion ..his suffering all of this is nothing it is wether hallucinations or lies because it is as simple as this you be good you will catch good...not to be 100 percent true but at least and in most bad conditions not be deceived by their miserable state or their humlating conditions because you do not what happened in the past or what will happen in the future ust look and wonder and maybe one day you will know by his superior permission

The Real Food Diet: Healthy Recipes

1. Eat Food. Not too Much. Mostly Plants.Michael Pollan wrote it. Live it.
2. Eat Super Foods.Super foods pack the most nutrients into each serving. Use our Superfood Index, which pairs the most nutritious foods with delicious recipes.
3. Eat Real Foods.Whether you concerned about salmonella in peanut butter and bisphenol A residue from foods packed in plastic, or just plain confused by misleading food labels, less-processed foods are the answer.
4. Eat Local.Get your foods locally, so you can ask your farmer how she grows her food, and how she cares for the soil.
5. Eat In Season.Get your nutrition from foods that are in season whenever possible to ensure freshness and reduce food miles.

Ten food visionaries deliver local, organic, and healthy foods to the American mainstream

The Heart of Green Awards honor those people, organizations, and companies that have taken the green message to the mainstream — to the "heart" of the American people.
In 2009, The Daily Green will host the first annual Heart of Green Awards Ceremony in the LEED Gold-certified Hearst Tower in New York City. Sponsored by the eBay Green Team, the ceremony will take place April 23 — the day after Earth Day. Why? Because these honorees take the Earth Day message into the rest of the calendar.
Below are the nominees for the food category:

Your Local Organic Farmer
Your local organic farmer isn't dousing crops with toxic chemicals or overdosing the soil on fossil fertilizers. He doesn't process peanuts at a rodent-infested plant crawling with salmonella. Your local farmer doesn't slaughter cattle in such conveyor-belt high volume that E. coli contaminates the beef. She isn't pumping up her dairy cows full of synthetic hormones or cramming so many cows into such small spaces they need antibiotics to stay free of disease. Your local farmer isn't letting "foreign materials" like bits of plastic into processed foods — because he isn't processing foods at all! Your local farmer has had a pretty good year, providing fresh, healthy vegetables at farmers markets and community supported farms. If you've been eating foods from a local farm, you've had a pretty good year too. The rest of the U.S. agricultural system seems a little off-kilter these days.
Let's hear it for the local organic farmers of the world! For providing us nutritious and safe food — with a smile and a handshake — they each deserve a Heart of Green award.

Roger Doiron
Who is the voice for the backyard gardening movement? Who reminds us of the simple pleasures and enduring wisdom of harvesting our own food? Who relentlessly asks the common-sense question: Why did the White House have 18 acres of grass, and no vegetable garden yet?
Roger Doiron isn't alone, but his voice — as the founder of Kitchen Gardeners International and the Eat the View campaign — has been loud, clear, and influential. The Downeast, Maine, resident has simple aims (inspire and encourage more home gardening) and sophisticated methods. Who else thought to auction off one-square-foot plots of White House lawn on eBay to raise money and awareness for Eat the View, the campaign pressuring President Obama to plant an organic garden within walking distance of the Oval Office? The same guy who grew a 10,000-member-strong organization in the space of just five years.We love Doiron's populist foodie vision. The KGI website answers the question, "What is a kitchen gardener?" In part: "Unlike mere foodies who flit from one trendy spot to another in search of instant culinary gratification, Kitchen Gardeners set out roots in a place and begin planning their pleasure months in advance."
For reminding us all how easy and good it is to grow our own food, Roger Doiron deserves a Heart of Green award.

Environmental Defense Fund
Quick, which of these headlines is true:
Fish are healthy and essential for a healthy diet!
Fish are so contaminated with mercury they are toxic!
Omega-3 fatty acids are so important for pregnant women that the brains of their children won't develop properly without enough fish in the diet!
Pregnant women should avoid fish because of contamination that will permanently damage their children's brains!
To eat fish, or not to eat fish? And how much? And which species? These are questions that could have tied a modern Hamlet in knots.Fact: Many species tend to be highly contaminated with mercury, PCBs and other contaminants that can cause serious harm to children, which is why the Environmental Protection Agency warns against eating many species, or limiting the number of meals eaten, particularly for pregnant women and young children.
Fact: Fish are an excellent lean source of protein and other nutrients, and the omega-3 fatty acids in fish are an important brain food — particularly for pregnant women and younger children.
Fact: The world's oceans are being rapidly depleted by overfishing and a host of other environmental threats.That's why the Environmental Defense Fund deserves a Heart of Green award. Its Seafood Selector, available on the Web or in a pocket-sized downloadable document, serves up a simple lists of do's and dont's at the fish counter. Just choose fish from its "eco-best" list and you know you're eating the least contaminated, most nutritious, and most sustainably harvested fish on the market.

Sidwell Friends School
When Sasha and Malia attended their first day of classes at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., the nation got a sudden insight into a simple truth advocates have been trying to hammer home for years: School lunches can be healthy and delicious. They can be sustainable and they can be sourced locally. How many local school districts include tomato basil soup, organic spinach salad, roasted local veggie melts, organic baked French fries, and organic pears on a typical menu? The occasion of the Obama girls' first school lunch sparked a media frenzy, and inspired the cottage industry in foodie fan blogs tracking anything that passes an Obama's lips.
And a good thing! If every school in America followed the Sidwell Friends lunch model, it would go a long way toward boosting local agriculture, reducing obesity, and no doubt improving test scores. (President Obama himself seems to be encouraging public schools to follow the lead of Sidwell, a private school.)Sidwell Friends School focuses on regional vendors and uses organic and fair-trade ingredients whenever possible. It uses recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable products. (How about adding those words to the next spelling test!) It composts food waste and uses the compost to fertilize school gardens and grounds. It even uses vegetables that students bring in from home and serves them up as soup for the homeless.For perhaps the best side benefit of Obamamania, Sidwell Friends School deserves a Heart of Green award for inspiring an overdue school lunch revolution.

Flick your switch off for Earth Hour

By Trystan L. Bass Do you want to show you care about energy conservation? Simply switch off your lights on March 28 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., local time.
This is Earth Hour, and Saturday is the third annual worldwide event. Earth Hour is both a symbolic act and the start of a practical habit.
Millions of homes and businesses and hundreds of major landmarks will go dark for one hour to show that energy conservation is important and to send this message to political leaders attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December 2009.
At the same time, Earth Hour reminds each of us how easy it is to conserve -- just turn off non-essential lights and electronics to reduce our own power consumption.
Lighting accounts for about 11 percent of a typical American home's energy bills, while computers and electronics add another 9 percent. So by shutting off these things when we're not using them, we can lower our load significantly.
Get into the habit this weekend with one hour in the dark. Make it fun by having dinner by candlelight, taking a stroll under the stars, or playing card games by a fire. The Daily Green has a few entertaining ideas for consenting adults too.
Earth Hour started in Australia and is sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund. Anyone can participate -- check out the website for details. At last count, 2,400 cities across 82 countries have officially signed up. 195 of these cities are in the United States.
Some famous buildings will be going dark on Saturday including: The Empire State Building in New York City, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the St. Louis Gateway Arch, the Sydney Opera House, the Sears Tower in Chicago, Seattle's Space Needle, the Great Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and Broadway theater marquees in New York City.
Even the flashy Las Vegas Strip will turn dark for an hour. Of course, the slot machines inside casinos will stay on, but almost all of the buildings and marquees on the Strip itself will be dark during Earth Hour.
For the very first time, the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign will go off. Spokespeople say that Vegas lights have dimmed for a minute when a local celebrity dies, but the Strip and the sign have never gone dark for a full hour.
Other businesses are flicking the switch too. The golden arches at McDonald's in New Zealand and Canada will go dark, saving more than 10,000 kilowatt-hours for our neighbor to the north. The Canadian chain says it has also saved 3.1 million kilowatt-hours of energy through improved lighting, heating, and ventilation.
Both Nashville and Los Angeles are U.S. sponsor cities, so the Nashville Predators and the L.A. Kings hockey teams agreed to reschedule their game in Nashville to 5 p.m. The game should end around 7:30 p.m. with plenty of time for the arena to turn off the lights.
Blackberry addicts can log on before Earth Hour to a special website from Research in Motion. The company is encouraging fans of the mobile device to log-off for an hour and enjoy the silence.
You can even download a free iPhone game to remind you -- in advance -- to turn off the lights on Saturday. Anything to get the idea across, right?
Auto insurance company Esurance will offset your car's CO2 emissions at no extra cost if you buy an auto policy before Earth Hour. Of course, the kindest thing you can do for the planet is to drive less often

Extreme skier McConkey dies in jump in Italy

Extreme skier McConkey dies in jump in Italy
By The Associated Press Mar 27, 12:26 pm EDT

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Extreme skier Shane McConkey was killed jumping off a cliff with a parachute while filming a movie in Italy. He was 39.
His sponsor Red Bull confirmed his death Thursday.
McConkey was in Corvara, Italy, on a ski-BASE jump when he had a mid-air malfunction, Red Bull said in a statement. Italian emergency responders arrived within minutes and pronounced him dead at the scene, according to the sponsor.
“Shane loved life and innovated both sport worlds he touched, skiing and B.A.S.E. Jumping,” Red Bull spokesman Patrice Radden said in a statement. “Unfortunately, the sport he pioneered also carries inherent risks.”
McConkey founded the International Free Skiing Association and had grown popular in recent years for his BASE jumping competitions and big-mountain film exploits.
During his career he won the IFSA world tour of freeskiing in 1996 and 1998, and finished second in the 1999 Winter X Games Skier X competition. In 2001, Skiing Mag listed him as the top skier in North America, and Powder magazine readers voted him skier of the year three times.
McConkey lived and trained at Squaw Valley’s Olympic Village south of Truckee, Calif. He is survived by his wife, Sherry, and 3-year-old daughter, Ayla.
Updated Mar 27, 12:26 pm