Monday, May 25, 2009


Negev Commando With short barrel, standard Galil magazine, folded stock and fitted with a bipod.
Negev light machine gun (LMG) has every sign of being a world class weapon, in the IMI tradition. While being a NATO-standard 5.56mm weapon, the Negev has a distinct weight advantage over its rivals.

Fully tested by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), which assisted IMI during weapon development, the Negev is already in service. IDF plans call for adoption of the Negev by the army, air force and navy, to be put in service on helicopters, patrol ships and armored vehicles, and to replace its NATO-standard MAG machine-gun with the Negev. The final Negev version was introduced in 1995. Several samples entered the IDF for field-testing in 1996, and in 1997 massive production started.

One of the more important was the ability to have a weapon be used for a traditional SAW or use a quick change barrel to produce an extremely compact machine-gun. The weapon is available with a standard barrel or short barrel, with folding stock or without one. This flexibility has allowed the weapon to be used in a variety of roles such as traditional military applications or even in close quarters battle use.

The Negev can use the standard "soft assault drum" (a soft nylon bag) which stores 200 rounds of belted 5.56mm ammunition (2.7 kg) or 150 round soft assault drum (2.1 kg). As a redundancy feature, the Negev is also equipped to use Galil detachable box magazines of any capacity. An adapter kit is available for use with NATO STANAG (M16-type) magazines.

A three-position gas regulator controls the rate of fire and includes an off position for rifle grenade-launching capabilities. The Negev fires from an open bolt.

The Negev Commando is a shortened variant of the Negev LMG. It includes a 330mm barrel and omits the bipod for a forward handgrip. Otherwise it shares all features of the larger Negev LMG. The Negev Commando can be used in the role of an assault rifle as well as a light machine gun.

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