Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to Find Personal Success Every Day

Members share their pride in even the "smallest" moments of everyday triumph and victory.
One day in our forums, Beliefnet member deep within shared this invitation: "I used to say "You did that!" to my youngest when he was a toddler - meaning, 'Wow!' or 'Check it out!' I realized how great it would be if every time I finished the laundry or just stayed patient all day at work, someone would say, 'Wow, you did that!' Let's think of the little victories, and celebrate them together. Because so often, it's hard for those that aren't in our skin to know that the 'little' tasks are hard won for many of us." It's true - every day, we accomplish something. Reminding ourselves, "I did that!" is one way to let the small "ups" help us get through the big "downs." From getting the laundry done to hosting a party, here are some of the daily triumphs our readers shared.
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