Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Berlin/Cairo - The corpse of a pregnant Egyptian woman killed in a Dresden courthouse was expected to arrive in Cairo for burial on Sunday night, the Egyptian Embassy in Berlin said. Dresden prosecutors have charged a German-Russian man with fatally stabbing Marwa al-Shirbini, 31, in a courthouse in Dresden on Wednesday.
She was there to testify against him on charges that he had called her a "terrorist" on a playground in 2008 because she was wearing a headscarf.
Her brother and her 3-year-old son would accompany her body back to Cairo, the independent Egyptian daily al-Masry al-Youm reported Sunday.
Al-Shirbini's husband was still in hospital, recovering from stab wounds and an accidental gunshot he sustained while trying to help his wife, the paper said.
Speaking in an article to appear in Monday the Berlin daily Tagesspiegel, Stephan Kramer and Ayman Mazyak, the respective heads of Germany's councils for Jews and Muslims, said that would pay a visit to the victim's husband to express their condolences.
"We want make a statement against Islamophobia and against the fact that it is consistently underestimated and trivialized, as it has been in this case," they said.
The attack "was motivated by Islamophobia," they wrote. "But so far the reaction from politicians and the media has been strangely muted. That is why we want to show solidarity." Copyright, respective author or news agency

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