Thursday, June 25, 2009

8 Brain Foods to Power Your Life

From berries to oysters, these 8 brain foods are proven to boost memory, help us think clearly, and contribute to overall good health.
By Pamela Harding
The old maxim "You are what you eat," turns out to be true. New research on so-called "brain foods" shows that some chemicals in the foods we eat go right to our brain cells. Sounds pretty powerful.
But can food really make us more intelligent, give us smarter kids, improve memory, help us think more clearly, and maybe even forestall those so-called "senior moments," or worse, dementia?
The answer is a qualified "yes." Although no one "miracle" food is going to boost your brain power instantly, make your kid a genius, or cure Alzheimer's, regularly adding certain foods to your diet will help you function at your personal best, both physically and mentally, throughout your lifetime.
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