Wednesday, July 15, 2009

IronKey unveils enterprise USB flash drive with crypto, self-destruct security

IronKey, maker of the “world’s most secure flash drive,” on Monday announced the launch of its S200 device for government and enterprise customers, featuring hardened physical security, the latest Cryptochip technology, active anti-malware and enhanced management capabilities.
It’s the “first and only USB storage device to achieve FIPS 140-2, Level 3 validation” and delivers advanced Cryptochip featuring AES-256, tamper-resistance and self-destruction circuitry.
Yup, you read that right: a self-destructing USB flash drive.
Specs, after the jump:
The IronKey S200 features:
The first and only USB flash drive to meet the rigorous government security requirements of FIPS 140-2, Security Level 3.
Hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption in CBC mode.
Tamper-resistant and tamper-evident rugged aluminum metal case that meets military specifications and is waterproof.
Secure management of encryption keys.
Anti-malware capabilities in hardware provide an unprecedented layer of protection from malware and prevent its spread onto enterprise and government networks.
AutoRun lock-down protects against worms.
Read-only mode prevents malware on infected hosts from infecting IronKey devices.
Optional anti-virus/anti-malware scanning cleans the devices in the background.
Trusted network restrictions prevent IronKey devices from unlocking on uncontrolled PCs.
Dual-channel architecture enables significant performance when writing large and small files to the drive.
Includes extended-life flash memory capable of running high-bandwidth applications such as data backups, virtual machines, or bootable mobile desktops.
Enterprise Management Cloud Service over the Internet for the enforcement of security policies, security and anti-malware updates, and the tracking and auditing of hundreds or thousands of devices.
Optional Enterprise Management Server that customers can host themselves.
IronKey FIPS 140-2, Level 3 Validation:
The IronKey S200 USB flash drive has been awarded FIPS certificate 1149.
IronKey S200 includes the ability to prevent intruders from gaining access to Critical Security Parameters (CSPs ) held within the cryptographic module.
The physical security mechanisms required at Security Level 3 validate that IronKey thumb drives can detect and respond to attempts of physical access, use or modification of the cryptographic module.
IronKey includes the physical security mechanisms required for the validation including the use of production-grade components, hard potting material to encapsulate the chip circuitry and a hard metallic enclosure.
Enterprise Management Service Enhancements:
Mac support for Silver Bullet service provides remote wipe, comprehensive tracking and rich reporting capabilities.
Configurable time-out policy enables the ability to automatically lock devices after a specified period of inactivity.
Search capabilities help to locate device information by user name, email address, serial number or other specific information.
Enhanced backup and recovery capabilities from previous Password Manager to the Identity Manager.
Management capabilities are available as cloud-based SaaS or on-premise server software for flexibility in meeting organizational requirements.
The S200 is available in 16GB size. No price or availability — but considering that the 8GB S100 for personal use sells for $199, it’ll be a pretty penny

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